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September 11th 2021

What we do?

Every year vast amounts of trash reach the oceans. Million tons of plastic pollute our nature. Most of it reaches the oceans via the rivers, particularly in Asia, but also in Europe. We have to prevent this from happening! 

We clean the Main from source to ending. 

Together with our partners we want to free the riverside of the Main from trash. We aim to build and raise awareness among people not to throw trash away without thinking of the consequences for our rivers, oceans and our nature at large.


Following the Main

With 524 km of flow, the Main is the longest right tributary of the Rhine. The riparian area of the Frankfurt metropolis is particularly interesting for CleanUps, but so are the many smaller communities from Seligenstadt to Flörsheim.

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You want to organise your own cleanup? Define a route, reach out to your community green office to get material and assistance.

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