Successful garbage collection campaign on the White Main

April 17, 2023

In bright sunshine, like last year, members of numerous local clubs came together under the auspices of the Lanzendorf and Himmelkron fire brigades to clean the banks of the Weißen Main between Lanzendorf and Bad Berneck. The volunteers from Bad Berneck cleaned the banks of Ölschnitz and Main in the Bad Berneck area. In addition, other groups cleared the green spaces in the Himmelkron area and along the Streitmühlbach and Geiersbach streams of rubbish and rubbish.


In the morning, more than 100 helpers met at the Lanzendorf fire station, from where they were driven by minibus to various starting points along the banks of the Main in order to be able to clean as large an area as possible. A total of around 150 people took part in the campaign in the communities of Himmelkron and Bad Berneck and within 4 hours they collected over 100 bags of rubbish such as plastic, metal, glass bottles, beverage crates, clothing, shoes and even car tires and a stove from the banks of the water a.


The garbage bags had to be taken from the banks to the field paths, where they were transported to the Bad Berneck building yard by several tractors with trailers and rear containers. The helpers then met there to sort out the rubbish and to have a snack together, donated by local butchers and the communities, and to exchange their experiences.


Finally, it can be reported that less rubbish was found than last year, despite larger collection areas and more participants. So the clean-up campaign has had lasting success.


The hope remains that people will take better care of their environment in the future, that our waters will remain healthy and clean and that at some point such waste collection campaigns will no longer be necessary.


Participating clubs and organizations: Lanzendorf fire brigade, Himmelkron fire brigade, Bad Berneck protestant youth, confirmants (Bad Berneck, Goldkronach, Nemmersdorf, Benk), Bad Berneck/Bindlach rural youth, BUND local group in Himmelkron, future Himmelkron citizens’ list, SPD -Ortsverband Himmelkron, TSV Himmelkron, Boy Scout Himmelkron, Diakoneo residential group Neuenmarkt, staff of the BAT Bayreuth