How to organize your own MainCleanUp

In 10 steps to the MainCleanUp

On this page you will find all the information you need to organize a CleanUp.


1. MainCleanUp offers two dates in 2023 - one in cooperation with the Main FlussFilmFest in the time window from March 11th to April 2nd and on our big day of action on Saturday, September 9th. The website is activated, you can register immediately. The earlier you register, the better we can provide you with materials such as grabs, garbage bags and gloves.


2. Seeks support from the (lord) mayor and the city administration. Informs about the date and asks for support - for example in choosing collection points or in organizing the removal of the collected garbage! It is often advisable to contact the local waste disposal company directly. Up until now, mayors have been happy to make the issue a top priority – and they help with the organization, but also with finding local sponsors.


3. Start with public relations! Inform the local media, point out the date, ask for an announcement and a call for participation! In some regions, the newspapers have even been actively involved as co-organisers. Create an event on social media (such as Facebook). Name time, duration and meeting place. Share the event on your timeline and on pages you manage or follow!


4. Send invitations to schools, day care centers, clubs (rowing, kayaking, surfing, diving, but also other sports), walking groups, universities, student groups, boy scouts, clubs and associations (Rotary, Lions, civic and allotment groups) and stay in Contact us to discuss their opportunities to participate! This also applies to local companies in order to approach them at the same time about possible funding (in the form of material or financial donations).


5. Estimates the number of participants and communicates it to the RCU organization team. Depending on the volume of participant registrations, the RCU team will have a number of gloves, beach flags and rubbish grabs and rubbish bags in stock. These can be obtained from the RCU team while stocks last. There will be national and local sponsors. We are now so well known that e.g. savings banks, Volksbanks and other local companies are happy to participate and provide the equipment. We can provide templates for posters for the local sponsor to present themselves on. Talk to the RCU team!


6. Invite participants on social media to like the page! Post the date at regular intervals on e.g. Facebook/Event (weekly) so that the campaign stays in the minds of the participants!


7. Inform the local media again in the week before CleanUp Day! Again announce the local collection points and ask for a call again!


8. Meet at the assembly points two hours before the event, prepare tent, beach flags, table, equipment, gloves, list of participants, etc.! Prepares a briefing for the volunteers: what to watch out for when collecting. You can get information from the central RCU organization. There you will also get the template for a corresponding handout. Take a group photo (with gear) before heading out. Ask the participants for permission to publish these photos! This can also be done with a small poster at the material distribution point.


9. Take photos of the CleanUp that capture the atmosphere (Facebook post or other social media)!


10. Thank all participants! Report to the central RCU team when special items (gold watches, mopeds, etc.) are found! Estimate the amount of garbage collected (amount of bags) and report it to the RCU team! Both are required for the information of the national press. Email a short summary (with photos if possible) to the local media!


Do you still have questions?
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